Attaching Pro-Tip Turbo to Pro-Tip Converter

Whilst holding the converter outer sleeve scallops between thumb and index finger push the Pro-Tip firmly into the outer sleeve with one of the external ribs aligned with the dot on the outer sleeve surface. At this point twist the Pro-Tip to engage the locking feature.
If necessary minor adjustments in air and water pressure can be made firstly at the dental unit and then at the junction box regulator.
The Pro-Tip may appear dry and stiff to load at first. Place a small amount of Petroleum Jelly on the back face of the first Pro-Tip. This will lubricate the sealing 'O' rings. Repeat periodically to maintain lubrication.

Cleaning and Sterilising

All external surfaces of the Pro-Tip converter and the 3 in 1 syringe should be cleaned with a suitable mild detergent and water solution.Following removal of the converter from the syringe clean all internal surfaces of the converter and ‘O’ rings with a suitable mild detergent and water solution.
The Pro-Tip converter should be sterilised using a standard steam autoclave cycle to 134°C for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not use dry heat sterilisation method.

Air and/or Water leakage

Check that you have the correct converter – some types are very similar. Check that the ‘O’rings are not too worn – replace if necessary. The seal between tip and converter may be weak – lubricate back ‘O’ ring in converter.
Check that you have the correct converter – some types are very similar. Check ‘O’ rings on the syringe are not worn - replace if necessary. Many syringes become worn and the original nozzle may have leaked. Possibly a new syringe may be required.

O Rings

O Rings need replacing when they are visibly worn or when air or water leaks between Pro-Tip and Pro-Tip Converter.
These can be ordered from your normal supplier or direct from Young Innovations.